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Okay, here goes. Since there is so many (myself included) , that need wiring diagrams and help with wiring, I thought I`d start a thread and get the most basic wiring diagrams. I`ll be adding the one for a regular Gibson les paul, Fender Strat , Some different Ibanez, and conversions between the different 3 way switches. I know there are many on Seymour forum and on Ibanez and all that , but would it not have been good to just go in here and get it, instead of rambeling through a lot of sites and MAYBE find the one you want?

So I am collecting some of the regulare ones now, and please just say what schematic you may think is most used , and I`ll collect and post here:)

Here is  a start atleast

Not a bad idea at all...

Bud, consider either stickying or moving to "Everything You Wanted To Know About..." section?

Awesome idea dude. Keep throwin' em down! We can't ever have enough pickup wiring schematics...

ok.. im trying to gather some schematics, but since there are so many, i thought maybe i should take the general ones.

is there any spesific Schematic that I should remember? like the 2 hum 1 vol 1 ton 3 way switch and so on...

No offense, but won't it be kind of overwhelming to put so much schematics in one thread? And when it has grown to a few pages it'll be very hard to search for what you need...
It's much easier if this thread could contain links to wiring resources instead that could be complied together in the first post as they come?
Like: http://www.guitarelectronics.com/category/wiringresources/

If I'd spend one day collecting pics of different wiring I would be able to find several thousands of them...


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