Author Topic: Just wanted to let you know..  (Read 1465 times)

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Just wanted to let you know..
« on: October 17, 2009, 04:32:10 pm »
Guys I think finally I decided what Im gonna do with the guitar and pickups

For a HSH Ibanez Im gonna put a D Sonic, True Velvet Middle and Liquifire

In the future Im gonna get a HSS Ibanez too, and I might be putting a Steve Special, Fast Track 1 and Air Norton S.

Im also considering to change the pickups on my les paul immintation for Norton on the bridge and PAF 36th anniversary Brigde in the neck position. The actual pickups in this guitar are a Duncan Distortion and a Jazz Model (both are SD)

Btw im the guy that start the "help with pickup choice" and "I changed my mind" threats

Thanks a lot to you guys, I've learned so much!  :madness: