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your first guitar idol?

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hey guys, who was your first favorite guitarist?

before i played guitar = john frusciante

when i started = eddie van halen

I'll come clean as a big follower of Tom DeLonge  at first.  Then when I started playing it was John Frusciante.  Right now I'm a pretty big fan of Bumblefoot and Mick Ronson

Jimi Hendrix.

Still is.

For a time a few years ago, I was way into Vai and Satch. Not so much anymore. I still dig Satch's music, and the occasional Vai is fun, but I'm done with shredding.

But now I'm also a bigger fan of The Edge from U2, Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead, and David Gilmour.

You just reminded me, Nick.  I've been having an obsession with Robin Finck. He's  unfortunately been in an unfair position in the media but he is under rated and really has a great feel and sense of melody kinda like a ballsier Gilmour or a more refined Slash

hi again
when i started it was brian molko from placebo(unusual ahhh).
now there are satch, greg howe and rory gallgher.


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