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Awesome Traders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have Sold pickups to Budd Royce and wxs3.

Both Awesome guys to deal with.

Thanks bro!  The same back at you and Bud, good folks to do business with!

I want to add c.thep to our list of honorables.


I seem to be buying used pickups on a near regular basis nowadays which is :madness: since I don't have enough guitars to use them in!!

I've stickied this topic along with the Not so awesome traders thread just to help people know who's good to deal with and who's not so great.

ErikH is a Good person to deal with here. I also picked up stuff from him over on the Duncan forum.
I bought the Air Norton S  pickup Tuesday, and it arrived Thursday. Do not hesitate to deal with him.Thanks again ErikH


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