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FS: Marshall JMP-1 preamp (sold)
« on: July 01, 2009, 03:48:43 pm »
Hey everyone, I'm new here on the DiMarzio forums, but I've bought and sold many times on the ESP Guitar Forums as well as Harmony-Central and HugeRacksInc.

Anyway, I'm selling my Marshall JMP-1 preamp.  It's in good condition, the only flaw is that the rubber ring around the headphone jack is broken. You can still plug in and it doesn't affect the integrity of the jack at all, its just a cosmetic issue.  The preamp sounds great and was recently retubed with a Penta Labs 12AX7 and a Mullard reissue 12AX7.  If you're into basically any Marshall tone, this preamp will get it for you.  It's got two clean channels and two gain channels, as well as something like 90 presets you can save and control with MIDI.

I'm selling it mainly to get a Mesa Triaxis. 

Asking $500 shipped and Paypaled in the CONUS.  I will accept these trades:
- Mesa Triaxis ( with cash on my part )
- TC Electronics G-Major 2 + cash
- Two Celestion V30s or Warehouse clones + cash
- Behringer FCB1010 + cash
- Any combination of the above

Preamp is sold, thanks for looking
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